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Estate Tax Concerns

Palm Beach Estate Planning Attorney

Most individuals dying in 2015 and later owe no estate tax. However, if they do not prepare an estate plan they threaten the financial security and self- determination of themselves and their family.


The fact that you do not have to be concerned about paying estate taxes (estate of less than $5.4 million dollars for single individuals and twice that for married couples) does not eliminate the need for a properly drafted estate plan. Not all attorneys are experienced or knowledgeable enough to properly draft an estate plan to protect your family. If they don’t concentrate in the area of estate planning they will not be able to explain the information contained within those documents. How will you understand the information so that you can properly select your fiduciaries and know what plan of distribution that reflects the needs of your family members?

Jeff Zane has focused his legal practice as a transactional attorney. This has included the areas of estate planning & probate, real estate law, business law and tax law. He is rated by Martindale-Hubbell as an “AV” rated attorney which is its highest rating.

The area of estate planning generally includes one of two types of estate plans. The first one requires you to go through probate (Court) when the individual passes away. It includes a Will (controls the administration of the asset transfers from the decedent to its beneficiaries), Durable Power of Attorney (allows an individual to handle the grantor’s financial responsibilities), Healthcare Surrogate (allows an individual to handle the grantor’s health decisions) and a Living Will (communicates the individual’s end of life desires). The second one avoids probate; but requires a Trust to be established and further requires that certain of the individual’s assets to be transferred into the Trust during life.

Those fortunate individuals that have assets worth enough to exceed the amount of assets that can be passed tax-free can get involved with additional tax saving planning techniques.

The area of real estate law includes handling sales & purchases, the issuing of title insurance and landlord & tenant law.

Business law includes business formations, sales, purchases and generational transfers between family members.

The area of tax law includes tax planning for individuals and entities and representation of those same clients in front of the United States Tax Court.

Mr. Zane is admitted to practice in both Florida and New York. He is a member of the Palm Beach County Bar Association. He is also a member of various committees of the Florida Bar Association and the Palm Beach County Bar Association.

Mr. Zane continues to be invited to speak and write in the areas of both real estate law and estate planning and probate law. He averages approximately one speaking and/or writing event a week. The audiences include the lay public as well as real estate professionals and lawyers.

Mr. Zane was selected to be the President of the Attorneys’ Real Estate Council of Palm Beach County, Inc. and the Vice President of the Attorneys’ Real Estate Councils of Florida, Inc. (a state-wide organization).

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