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Palm Beach Tax Law Attorney

It does not matter if you are a corporate executive, or an individual running a start up, one thing is relative to both—the need for a great Palm Beach Tax law Attorney. This is relevant as you see the history of state and federal tax laws and how they have changed over the years. Trying to run a business using limited or old tax law information is dangerous and can harm your ability to execute your business plan. Palm Beach Tax lawyer Jeff Zane was admitted to the U.S. Tax Court in 1993. Over the years he has helped many people navigate the waters of tax law and protect their assets and business from risk. A good plan needs to be the foundation and bedrock of your company, and Zane Law was created with this goal–To protect your assets and defend you from loss.

Common Tax issues

Garnishments; If you are facing a potential wage garnishment, we might be able to stop it and reverse the issue. Penalty Negotiations: If you have had a fine levied it might be prudent to have a lawyer to negotiate a penalty reduction. Knowing the law and how to implement strategy can save you time and money. No matter if you’re seeking an IRS tax attorney, IRS tax lawyer, business tax attorney or even the expertise of a back tax attorney, Zane Law Firm in Palm Beach knows that you deserve the best legal representation available and offers a free consultation to assess your issue and offer plans to overcome them. Contact us today to see how we can get you back on track.

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